adding points on a line

by Nate Hekman on April 2, 2008

Beginning with GeoStudio 2007, you no longer apply boundary conditions to nodes and element edges as you used to. Now you can only put boundary conditions on points and lines.

At first that doesn’t seem very different, but you quickly run into a problem when you want to add a pressure boundary only partway up a slope:

The boundary condition always covers the entire line

The trick is to split the line in two. You can do that using the Draw Points command, and adding a point where you want to split the line. It then becomes two lines, and you can apply the boundary condition to only the one you want.

Ahh, that’s better.

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Renico 03.24.11 at 9:44 am

I am learning Geostudio from version 6.0 . The software is an amazing tool for slope stability analysis . I have a few questions :

1) For non-circular slip surfaces, how does the program determine the center of rotation ? ( From the drawing in a few examples, it may not necessarily the center of the circular portion of the composite slip surfaces ) .

2) How can I list the cordinates of the center of rotation used in a trial slip surface ?
( Certainly, I can use the mouse to find out , but I want a listing )

3) For efficiency, should I draw the soil profile first or insert points then draw the soil profile by connecting these points ?

Thank you very much.


Nate 04.06.11 at 11:20 am

Sorry for the late reply, I was out of town for a few days.

1&2) I am not sure–I’ll check with our slope engineers and get back to you.

3) Some people prefer to draw a number of points and then connect them, but I’ve never understood why. Others like to use Sketch Lines to “pencil in” the lines before drawing regions over top. I think both of those are throw-backs to the old days (v5 and earlier) where slope’s soil profiles had to be defined in a particular order and always from left to right, and were difficult to modify after first drawing them.

Personally I find it simplest to jump right in with Draw Regions. The exception may be if you’re importing a list of exact coordinates from some other software package–you could import those as points, then use Draw Regions to connect them.


Nate 04.11.11 at 2:47 pm

I checked with Leonard, our Slope expert, about the centre of rotation, and he suggested you contact him directly at support [at] geo-slope [dot] com, as the answer depends on the slip surface method.

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