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by Nate Hekman on May 14, 2008

Last week I started talking about some of the changes to the start page introduced with version 7.1, but I ran out of time to describe what was really the only new feature: searching examples and movies.

Resource CD 

The “Resource CD” is a new CD we’ve started shipping along with the software CD for anyone purchasing GeoStudio 2007 version 7.1 or later.  It installs a bunch of useful material to demonstrate how certain featuers of the software can be used, plus things like closed-form solutions to prove to the wary engineer that we really do solve things correctly!

The Resource CD is also available as a download from our web site, but it’s 512 MB so I don’t really expect many of you will bother.  It can be a very useful resource though!  So if 512 MB scares you, please email us and we’ll be happy to mail you the CD.

The examples and tutorial movies sections on the new start page provide access to resources you have to install separately.  If the Resource CD is not installed, these sections will ask you to install it.

Tutorial Movies  

The tutorial movies section links to movies for each product.  Each movie is 15-20 minutes long.  During that time you create a new problem, solve it, and look at the results.

Notice that there is a link to “Read the pdf” as well as one for “Watch the movie”.  The PDF is simply a transcript of the movie.  If your English isn’t great and you have trouble keeping up with the movie, it may be helpful to follow along on the script.


We’ve been shipping examples with our software for ages–probably since version 1 but I wasn’t here then so I can’t say for sure. 

But often customers didn’t even know they had the examples, because they were buried deep on the hard drive somewhere.  Even if you did know about them, it was hard to know which ones to look at, what they were supposed to demonstrate, or to understand why they did things in a certain way.  Many customers complained that the examples were too simplistic and didn’t reflect real-world scenarios.

With version 7 (even 7.00) we’ve really put a lot of effort into trying to make the examples more useful.

  • We ship more examples, covering a wider variety of engineering scenarios.
  • Most examples now also have a pdf describing the purpose, theory and the thinking behind the model.
  • Some examples include movies generated by GeoStudio to show the results.
  • And most important:  the examples tab gives you easy access to all the examples.

The examples tab on the start page lets you search the examples by keywords.  Type in a keyword or two and click Search, and GeoStudio will look for those words in the pdf’s and the gsz’s and give you a list of matches.

Searching for “rapid drawdown”, for example, has returned seven matches.  Each match is displayed with a short description, a link to the gsz, and in most cases a link to a pdf.  Click “Open the gsz” to open the example in a new window.

You can search examples even when you already have a file open.  Just switch to the Start Page by clicking the GeoStudio icon in the toolbar (or choosing Windows – Start Page from the menu), then click the Examples link in the top right of the page.

One engineer told me he regularly searches the examples while he’s working on his own problem.  As he comes to a point where he needs to add some new detail, he’ll do a quick search for an example that demonstrates that feature.

We’ve put a lot of effort into making these examples useful and available, and we’re committed to continuing that effort.  Expect to see new examples added to the list regularly and better search tools.

Do you use the examples regularly?  Leave a comment to let me know if the examples in the past have been something you’ve found useful or not.

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Konstantin 08.23.11 at 6:15 am

Hello. I’m Konstantin from Belarus. My question is about using Add-Ins. I have to solve coupled Temp/W – Sigma/W problem, where I need to set up characteristics (elastic modulus, Poisson ratio etc.) for Sigma/W task depending on the current Temperature from Temp/W. So I need additional source files for use (for example, the source file for type of soil model which is used, not .dll-file), may be Sigma2.dll source file, etc. Would you like to inform where I can download more source files of GeoStudio 2007 and more Manuals. Thank you.


Nate 08.23.11 at 1:33 pm

Hello Konstantin. I’m going to have to defer to our engineering support staff; they will be the best ones to help you with questions about how to formulate add-ins and how to get computed data in your add-in. Please email your question to support [at] geo-slope [dot] com, and it will be routed to the appropriate engineer on staff.


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