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by Nate Hekman on January 28, 2008

We’ve had a few support calls recently from people who can’t figure out how to add a picture to their problem.  Sorry, that’s our fault, we moved the command in version 7. 

In previous versions you added pictures by choosing File – Import, but you had to edit them in Modify – Pictures.

In version 7 we combined the two into Sketch – Pictures, feeling that was a more logical place for the command.  To import a picture you choose Sketch – Pictures, then click the “Insert…” button.

Choose Sketch - Pictures then click Insert…

The confusing thing is that the File – Import menu item still exists, but now it is used exclusively for importing regions from a DXF file.  (If you want to import a DXF simply to use as a background picture, use Sketch – Pictures.)

I hope that clears things up!

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Urban Norström 02.07.08 at 1:09 am

Hello, I have used SLopeW since version 4 and find it to be an excellent tool for slope stability analysis. One of the thing regaring picture import is the extensive “pre work” that has to be doen to get the picture ready for import (creat the bmp-file). I have used an very old version of paint shop pro 6 (from 2001?) to make screendumps, then invert coulors (or whatever photoshoping), save on apropriate place is neccessary to get it just right for importing pictures. This is VERY time consuming. Mostly though it is just a matter of screen dumping so I think this would be a great featur to incorporate directly into SlopeW. .

Ex. in the “Sketch picture window an additional “screen dump” button could be added. Click it and the previously active program (usually Autocad in my case) would appear. Then a rectangle could just be drawn right on the cad-drawing wich is then dumped directly into SlopeW and automatically saved within the file. It must be possible to delete or “unattach” the picture.



Nate 02.07.08 at 7:56 am

Thanks for the suggestion, Urban. I like hearing how people are using certain features. I’m not sure we’ll be able to add a screen dump feature as you describe it, but I am hopeful we will improve the Sketch Pictures by supporting common formats like gif and jpeg, and common operations like Paste (avoids the step of saving the picture to a file).

Have you considered importing your DXF directly into GeoStudio? You can import it as a background picture (saves you the trouble of converting it to a bmp first) or automatically converting all closed polygons into regions.

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