New Look to the Blog

by Nate Hekman on September 12, 2008

In an attempt to make this blog be more useful, I’ve updated the layout, hoping to make it easier to find what you need.

One change in particular I’d like to point out:

  • The Categories have been rearranged, around commands, objects or concepts in the software.  That should help you if you don’t follow the blog regularly, or you only ran across it recently.  If you’re struggling to understand functions you can click on the Functions category and immediately see everything I’ve written about functions.

Summer is definitely over here in Calgary, with temperatures dipping and leaves changing colour.  When our workshop is over next week I will be getting back into serious blogging mode again and try to bring you a new tip every week.

As always, if you have comments, suggestions or questions, please leave a comment or email me.


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