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by Nate Hekman on May 7, 2008

The most obvious difference you’ll see when you first run version 7.1 is a redesigned start page.

The new start page

  • A: Click “New” to create a new file.  You can choose to create from a template or start with an analysis of a particular kind.
  • B: Click “Open” to open an existing file.  You can browse for one on your hard drive, or pick from among your most recent files.
  • C: Search documentation, example files, or watch a tutorial movie.
  • D: Important notices are displayed in “info bars” at the bottom of the screen.

While many of the changes to the start page are purely cosmetic, there are some functionality changes that are worth mentioning.

Default Actions

Save yourself some wrist motion by double-clicking the “New” or “Open” tabs.  Double-clicking is the same as clicking that tab’s default item. 

So double-clicking New will create a new project from a template; double-clicking Open will bring up the standard File Open box to pick a file.


You can think of the “Search” tab as a “Resource” tab.  It provides access to resources to help you better use GeoStudio.

The documentation section links you to the User’s Guide (aka Online Help)–though you can also just hit F1 at any point to get to the same thing.  This section also has links to the full text of the engineering books.  The User’s Guide tells you briefly what different controls do, where to click, etc.  The engineering books tell you how to model and explain the inner workings.

Examples and Tutorial Movies

Arguably the most important changes to the start page are the examples and tutorial movies sections on the Search tab.  But they’re also bigger topics which I’d like to address separately.  You’ll have to wait for the next installment!

News and Alerts

Certain alerts that used to appear scattered across the start page will now show up at the bottom in a yellow “info bar”.

The info bar shows you relevant (or irrelevant) notices

Besides the news items (which by the way can be disabled completely using Tools – Options), you will also occasionally see alerts letting you know a new license file has been installed automatically, a new version of GeoStudio is available, or that a license on your computer is expiring.

Notice the little ‘x’.  Any alert that you don’t want to see anymore can be hidden by clicking the ‘x’.

With a File Open

When a file is open, the start page changes.  Instead of controls that let you open or create files, you’ll see a summary of the current file:

The start page shows a summary of the file that is open.

  • A: Displays the name of the person who first created this file.  Click the “Author” title to edit it.
  • B: A short description of the file.  Click the “Comments” title to edit it.
  • C: A thumbnail of the last analysis you were looking at.
  • D: A list of all the analyses in the file.  Click an analysis to jump to it, or the “Analyses” title to jump to KeyIn Analyses.
  • E: Search documentation, examples and tutorial movies even while a file is open.

Next week I’ll describe the new Resource CD and dig deeper into searching examples and viewing the tutorial movies.

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