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by Nate Hekman on October 3, 2014

Keely, one of our engineers, has been busy lately expanding our stock of videos highlighting various GeoStudio features.

Some of the movies highlight new features found only in the preview of the next GeoStudio version, but others will be just as useful to GeoStudio 2012 users.

(Our web site still calls it the “GeoStudio 2014 Preview”, but I’ll just call it the “GeoStudio Preview” since 2014 is nearly over!)

Head over to the GeoStudio Preview Tutorial Movies page and take a look.

A few of my favourites include:

  • Setting Up a New Project – You have to do things backward when starting a new project in GeoStudio 2012: if you click one of the product icons on the Start Page, you’ve created an analysis before you had a chance to configure global settings like units and scale.  The GeoStudio Preview fixes that by putting you in the project settings first before creating an analysis.  Keely shows you how that’s done.
  • The Physics Tab – The next version of GeoStudio takes another big step toward merging all its products into one.  Instead of creating separate analyses for each “piece of physics” you want to analyze, you can create a single analysis and “turn on” the various physical processes you want to include.
  • Node Convergence – The same week Keely published this video, I got a support call from a customer looking for help with node convergence.  Great timing!

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