superimposing graphs

by Nate Hekman on December 11, 2007

Last week we wrapped up our series on selection by looking at selection in draw graph.  (Previously we looked at “selection in keyin lists“, and “mouse selection“).

This week we’ll combine them to show a rather nifty but very hidden feature of Draw Graph:  superimposing multiple graphs.

Let’s say I’m filling my dam:

Rapid fill of a dam

In Contour I can create a few graphs that I’m going to save with this file.  (Yes!  In v7 we save all your graphs so you don’t have to go re-selecting all the options every time like you had to in previous versions.)

I’ll create one graph to look at Inflow plus Outflow at the toe of my dam across time.  (Use the “Sum (Y) vs. Average (X) Values” to end up with a single line on the graph instead of one line for each node.)  I used last week’s selection techniques to select the line at the bottom-right of the dam.

Inflow plus Outflow (click to enlarge)


(I had to shrink these graphs to fit the blog, but you can click them to see the full size.)

I’m also interested in the water balance error over time.

Water balance error (click to enlarge)


And finally the cumulative change in storage over time. 

Cumulative change in storage (click to enlarge)


Now looking back over those three graphs I see they all use the same units on both the x and y axes, so I take the next step, select all three in the listbox, and end up with all three graphs superimposed, which is really the big picture I was looking for all along.

Three superimposed graphs (click to enlarge)


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Stephen 06.12.08 at 9:14 am

Just a quick questions about the list of graphs that we created on the left. Is there a way to reorder this list? Some of my analysis have quit a few graphs, so I was just wondering if I could resort them instead of scrolling through them!


Nate 06.12.08 at 9:28 am

Sorry Stephen, there’s no way (yet) to re-order them. They are always displayed in the order they were created. That feature is on our list, though, so will likely be coming out in some future release.


martha hekman 07.10.08 at 11:13 am

Cool site! I didn’t know you did this–though I have a suspicion you did tell us about it. Have a good day. I leave tomorrow for England. Hurray!

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