the “assigned” button

by Nate Hekman on March 10, 2008

Many of the dialog boxes in GeoStudio 2007 sport a button labeled “Assigned…”. 

 The “assigned” button shows where global objects are being used


The “Assigned” button is our attempt at clarifying how global objects are used across analyses.

In my vocabulary, it’s showing the “associations” I’ve described previously.

For example, click “Assigned…” in KeyIn Materials to see which regions have been assigned (or “associated with”) which materials.

But more importantly, it shows you those associations for each analysis

The Assigned window shows relationships between objects for each analysis 

This is an especially useful feature when working with multiple analyses.  In one window you can see the differences between two analyses, to make sure you are adding your lift appropriately or that you haven’t made a mistake by missing a region.


You can’t delete something in a KeyIn dialog if it’s still in use.  For example, try assigning a material to a region in one analysis, then switch to another analysis and try deleting the material.  You’ll get an error something like

Delete failed: Material “Foundation Material” is being used in analysis “Cutoff” by Region 1

(The material may be in use in more than one analysis or more than one region–we only show you the first one we run across.)

Now rather than switching to the “Cutoff” analysis, choosing Draw Materials, clicking “Remove”, and clicking on region 1, you can just click “Assigned…”, find everywhere that “Foundation Material” is in use, and click the “Remove” button, without ever leaving the safety and comfort of your current analysis.


The Assigned button is the only glimpse you can get into other analyses without actually changing the current analysis.  Use it to gain a better understanding of how you’ve set up your analyses, and as a quick way to remove associations across all analyses.

P.S.  Sorry for not posting last week.  I’ve been busy playing catch-up after my week away.

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