the fisherman

by Nate Hekman on October 23, 2007

With all our engineers in Ottawa this week for CGS, it’s time for a light-hearted post.  Here’s a QUAKE/W analysis created by Greg.  Don’t read too much into this except that we can have fun too!


Actually this does demonstrate some fairly advanced features in GeoStudio 2007.  We could not have done this with the previous version, and not for lack of creativity. 

The fish’s mouth and the fisherman’s hand have time-dependent boundary conditions implemented as add-in functions which return random x and y displacements.  The line and rod are beam elements which flex in reaction to the motion of the fish and the hand.  The fisherman himself is of course just a big pile of dirt, with fixed x and y displacement on his feet and in the water.  The View Movie command was used to create the animation.

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