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by Nate Hekman on February 4, 2008

The Modify Objects command is used to move or resize objects you’ve already drawn.  Nearly all objects can be moved in this mode, including regions, lines, points, sketch lines, text, etc.  Here are just a few tips for using this mode effectively.

Selecting the Right Object

Sometimes it’s hard to select the item you want because it overlaps another item.  In this admittedly contrived example, there’s a sketch line right down the middle of a region, so when I try to select the region I end up selecting the line instead.

 Can’t select the region because the line is in the way

This happens because GeoStudio uses a bit of “fuzz” to figure out what you’re clicking on.  You may actually click on the green region, but if you’re within a few pixels of the line GeoStudio assumes you meant to click on the line.  Move a few more pixels away from the sketch line and now you’re within that “fuzz” range of the geometry line so you end up selecting that instead of the region.

There are two ways to avoid this problem.

Zoom:  Zoom in further, and you give yourself more room to maneuver.  There’s more green space to click on without GeoStudio snapping you over to one of the lines.

View Preferences:  Modify Objects will only let you select objects that are visible, so use the View Preferences toolbar to turn off the “View Sketch Objects” (in this example).  The line will disappear and it will be easy to select the region as you intended.

Selecting Multiple Objects

The View Preferences trick can be especially handy for selecting multiple objects.  If you want to delete all sketch items, for example, you can use View Preferences to hide everything except for sketch objects, then click “Select All” or drag a rectangle around everything, and hit Delete.

Auto-Fit Page

The “Auto-Fit Page” option means that if you move something outside the boundaries of the current page dimensions, the page will automatically increase in size to accomodate.  It’s usually smart to keep that option on.

Elevation Change

You can easily move your whole problem up or down (or sideways for that matter) using Modify Objects.  Let’s say you drew the problem at an elevation of 500 to 600 meters but you want to bring it down to 0.

  • Make sure all your View Preferences are on (so that everything gets moved together);
  • Click “Select All” (or drag a rectangle around everything);
  • Type the relative offset in the “Y” box (-500);
  • Make sure “Auto-Fit Page” is on (else you’ll be moving everything right off the page);
  • Click “Move”.

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