version 7.1 released

by Nate Hekman on April 15, 2008

We gave it a face lift too!I’m happy to be able to break the news that we’ve released a new update to GeoStudio 2007: version 7.1.  We released version 7.03 back in September, but have not been idle in the seven months since.

Version 7.1, in a way, is what we really wanted version 7 to be.  Many features we had originally slated to release with 7.00 had to be cut because of time constraints, but are now finally done.

There are also several important new features in 7.1 that we never dreamed of originally, but that came about because of feedback from you and other customers who tried 7.00 and told us “it’s nice, but it doesn’t do …”.

As usual, 7.1 is a free upgrade if you already have a version 7 license.  Prices for new licenses and upgrades from version 6 are on our web site.

New Features in 7.1

I’m going to take the next few weeks to walk through some of the new features.  You can read the full list of changes in the Release History, but I warn you, it’s long!  (And rather dry reading.)

Here’s a list of the more interesting changes.  I’m not sure yet which ones I’ll talk about–if any catches your eye, let me know and I’ll make sure to go into it in more detail.

  • A new Spatial Mohr Coulomb material model in SLOPE/W lets you vary material properties as a function of x and y.  The FE products similarly include spatial functions for applying initial conditions (vary initial temperature across a material, for example).
  • Ponded water weight is calculated automatically, and we’ve got much better visual feedback to show you how the weight is being applied.
  • SLOPE/W can do transient stability analyses.  Gives you a factor of safety for each time step, graph FOS vs time, etc.
  • You can use Draw Contours even in Define now, to visualize the data Solve is going to use as input.
  • Install a new Resource CD and do a keyword search through all the resources to quickly find an example that will demonstrate a concept you need to learn.
  • You get thumbnails of your gsz files!
  • Generate a report from any product.  (In 7.0 this feature was only in SLOPE/W.)
  • Save a list of contours, much like you can save a list of graphs.
  • Display Sketch Text in only one analysis.

That should be enough to whet your appetite, and keep me going for a few more weeks!

Compatibility Caveat

Because of some rather important changes to the file format to allow for these new features, you may have trouble using the older 7.0x version to open files saved with 7.1.  If you have several people in your office, I’d suggest everyone upgrade to 7.1 at the same time.

Free Download

Click here to go to the Downloads page, then click “GeoStudio 2007 v7.10, Installer“.  As always you can try it out for free using the included Viewer or Basic license. 

If you already have an older version of GeoStudio 2007 installed (e.g., 7.03), uninstall that one first, then install this.  (Don’t worry, you won’t lose any existing settings.)

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Melody 10.02.10 at 10:16 am

Hi Dear.
I do not have Geostdio 2007 Licence, that i am not able to save my projects and even to solve them after the verification.
Please help me about this problem, and tell me where can i find the Licence.
My Email : aryan [dot] melody [at] gmail [dot] com


Nate 10.04.10 at 11:10 am

Without a license, GeoStudio can be used in Student mode (which lets you save and solve but limits some features) or in Viewer mode (which lets you try out all the features but doesn’t let you save). You can pick your mode from the Start Page.

To buy a full license, email sales [at] geo-slope [dot] com. If you’ve already bought a full license and you’re having trouble getting it working, email support [at] geo-slope [dot] com.


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