When to Use GeoStudio Betas

by Nate Hekman on October 14, 2008

Wow, I have not been very good at updating this blog this fall!  Work has been very busy here lately and I just haven’t been able to find the time to write.


Two weeks ago I talked about how we let people know about updates to GeoStudio being released, and why there’s usually a delay between a release and when GeoStudio’s Start Page tells you about it.  I ended the article by mentioning that we now post betas weeks or even months before a release.

You can always find the latest beta on the Beta Downloads page.

Betas have turned out to be a great way to get small changes out quickly.  Normally when we become aware of an important bug, we can fix it the same day or at least within the week.  But we don’t want to post a new release every week–you’d probably be annoyed having to download a 70 MB file that often!

Instead we post a new beta, and email the person who reported the bug.  Anyone else over the next weeks who reports the same bug can be pointed to the beta as well and be quickly up and running again.

It is beta software though!

A word of caution:  a beta has not been fully tested, and could contain new bugs worse than what we fixed.

As a result, we don’t recommend everyone run the beta.  But if you encounter a bug with no easy workaround that has been fixed in the beta, using the beta can be better than waiting for the next release.

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